The heart clinics are where outpatient heart patients seen for consultation, for new and for regular follow up. There are several clinics. No less than 20 cardiovascular physicians seeing the patients in these clinics each day. All laboratory and diagnostic procedures are available to serve these patients. The heart clinics has policy, for many patients, of complete simple cardiac evaluation in one day for the patient convenience.

There are general heart clinics for general cardiovascular condition. There are also specialty heart clinics such as arrhythmia clinic, vascular clinic, heart failure clinic, anticoagulation clinic, preventive clinic and cardiac rehabilitation clinic.

Call for appointment is recommended over walk in. Walk in patient will interrupt regular appointment flow of the scheduled patient and will create service overload. Walk in patients themselves may have to wait for the service since the scheduled patient should have the priority.
New patient will need to be registered.

There are 3 clinic spaces
1.  Cardiology Clinic
     a.    Cardiology clinic
     b.    Arrhythmia and AF Clinic
     c.    Preventive Heart and Lipid clinic

2.  Cardiovascular Clinics 
     a.    Cardiothoracic Surgery Center
     b.    Vascular & interventional Radiology
3.  Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic