for emergency services or inpatients who are in need of planned treatments

Step 1:

Patients with private health insurance, both Thai and International ones are eligible for treatments at Bangkok Hospital under official collaboration with premium medical insurance companies. Before receiving services, the insurance list can be checked at:

Contact Center 1719 (local call only) or Tel. +6623103000


Step 2:

After checking the insurance list, patients can follow these guidelines:

1. In general and emergency services, these documents must be readily prepared in order to verify benefits and coverage:
  • National identity card or
  • Card issued by government sectors or
  • Insurance card or insurance number 

2. Outpatient services

  • Patients are requested to sign informed consent form before receiving services at registration counters.
  • In case that the total service fees exceeds the insurance coverage, patients are responsible to pay excluded expenses out of insurance coverage.

3. Inpatient services with planning

  • Patients are requested to contact hospital in order to verify coverage and benefits before receiving treatments.
  • Staff of Third Party Department contact with specified insurance company to reaffirm a claim right.
  • Excluded expenses out of insurance coverage, patients are requested to pay by themselves.

Step 3:

For an inquiry related to insurance coverage and benefits, please contact:

Insurance Customer Service Center (ICS)
Tel. +662-310-3101
*Please note: if other rights are applied, please verify your coverage before receiving services.

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