What cause arrhythmias?

Arrhythmias may be found in patient without structural abnormality of the heart. Arrhythmias tend to occur more in certain groups of people (see below) and may be triggered by certain situations, such as taking some drugs or substances, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or caffeine products. Arrhythmias are associated or caused by

A.  Heart conditions

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Heart valve disease
  • After heart surgery
  • Heart failure
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Congenital heart disease

B.   Non heart conditions

  • Aging population
  • Sleep apnea
  • Diabetes
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Chronic lung disease
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Pericarditis
  • Viral infection

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