Precious gift of life

Precious gift of life

Rupture Aortic Aneurysm and emergency surgical repair

“Expertise in accurate diagnosis and capability of perform emergency surgery in a complicate case enable Bangkok Heart Hospital team to saves many lives. This is the case of M.R.Vudhi Svati (M.R. Wuttisawas Sawatiwat) who said this is the precious gift of my life.”
I usually go to another hospital in Bangkok for my medical conditions. I had CABG surgery (Bypass surgery for my heart artery) that required 4 arteries bypass, 12 years ago. I routinely checked with my doctor about every 2-3 months. I have been doing well and having an active lifestyle.
One day, while sit and working in my office, suddenly experiencing a severe back pain followed by a fainting spell. I remember that the ambulance took me to the hospital that I use to go to. The doctor there informed me that the type of treatment that I should have was not available at his facility and recommended that I should be quickly transferred to Bangkok Heart Hospital.

Dr. Witoon, deputy director of Bangkok Heart Hospital stated that surgical repair for MR Wuttisawas is difficult and must be done immediately because mortality rate is quite high if there is some delayed.

I have a critical condition of abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture-leaking. I also have COPD (Chronic lung disease). At Bangkok Heart Hospital, I went through necessary tests in a very short period of time to obtain accurate diagnosis and underwent an urgent aneurysmal repair surgery. There were some complications which is not unexpected with this kind of emergency major surgery. But with the expert multidisciplinary team at Bangkok Heart Hospital, I survived and have done well since then. Thanks to Dr. Witoon and all other doctors, nurses and the true professional team at Bangkok Heart Hospital.

MR Wuttisawas is now in his 70s. He has good health and he is enjoying his active lifestyle. He continues to follow his care at Bangkok Heart Hospital and has been taking care of himself properly with exercise program and keep all the cardiac risk factors under control.


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