Uniportal VATS Package

Expire Date 31/12/2020
483,000 - 690,000 Baht

VATS (Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery) with a reduced risk of surgical complications, less infections and faster recovery

A minimally invasive surgery, VATS is considered an effective treatment option for a wide range of conditions e.g. lung cancer, thymus gland tumor, myasthenia gravis (MG) and lung infection.

Uniportal VATS (single incision) is performed through a small incision between ribs where the thoracoscopic lenses and surgical instruments are inserted into the lung with less muscle destruction and no rib retraction. Uniportal VATS differs from open surgery, such as thoracotomy and median sternotomy since it does not require the a large open cut through the ribs or breastbone. This advanced surgical technique significantly results in smaller incision with cosmetic benefit, less pain and a faster recovery. A 1-3 day hospital stay allows patients to return to their daily lives and activities even quicker. 

  • UNIPORTAL VATS PACKAGE ( 3 day-hospital stay) Special Price: 483,000 – 690,000 THB.

This price is valid from July 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020.

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Cardiothoracic Surgery Center
2nd Floor, Bangkok Heart Hospital.
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