World Heart Day 2019

“Be A Heart Hero … Make A Heart Promise”

The World Heart Federation (WHF), a global heart health NGO in official relations with WHO established “World Heart Day” which is celebrated in September of every year. It is aimed at drawing people’s attention to cardiovascular illness and the range of associated health issues as well as its severity that potentially leads to cardiac sudden death. If left untreated, cardiovascular diseases might lead to heart failure in the future, resulting in increased mortality rates.
On average, approximately 18 million people die from heart-related conditions every year. Particularly in Thailand, the death rate is estimated to be 23 per 100,000 population or nearly 20,000 deaths per year. In 2019, the annual slogan for World Heart Day is “A Heart Hero”. It is commemorated to promote different preventative steps and changes in lifestyle to avoid any cardiovascular diseases by making a promise to ourselves to cook and eat more healthily, a promise to our children and families to  exercise more and help them to be more active, to say no to smoking and to stay relaxed with healthy mind.
To ensure heart health equity for all, everyone can be heart heroes by making promise and reducing their risks of cardiovascular diseases for healthy heart and healthy life.
Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) belongs to a part of The Vejdusit Foundation. CSR activities are annually held in order to contribute medical assistances to the society. Bangkok Heart Hospital was established in 2005. Owning to its 14th anniversary, our CSR commitment is to treat patients with congenital heart defect, called ASD (Atrial Septal Defect), described as a hole in the wall between the two upper chambers of the heart (atria). Provided treatment involves transcatheter closure without surgery. Due to its superior advantages including invasive, high degree safety and effectiveness, this treatment procedure significantly enhances patient’s quality of life with satisfactory outcomes, resulting in a quick return to their loved ones and family.

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